Gain a fresh perspective on life.

beContento helps you gain a fresh perspective of all the things you own in one convenient place. Get started with beContento and you'll soon discover the difference.

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Sort your stuff

beContento helps you manage a digital inventory of all your belongings in one sophisticated place, right at your fingertips. Easily store and access important records of your items including receipts, warranties, certificates and avoid heartache!

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See the value

Discover how much your stuff is worth. beContento can provide insight you may never have had before - whether that be the total monetary value of your items, the amount you've accumulated or reminders of those things that contain sentimental value

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Share it

The more you personalise your stuff with beContento, the more power to you. You get to share what you want, with whoever you want, when you want. And it’s all for your benefit. Get the right insurance cover based on a clear overview of what you have, provide proof of ownership if claiming, share your list to assist when moving in with others, the list goes on… Start using beContento today 🤙

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