Give your old furniture a second chance

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When you need a new piece of furniture, it’s always tempting to buy cheap, new items from affordable stores. A cheap Scandi-style bedside table is a fun option, but will it still look stylish in three years? Will it even last three years?

Before you charge off to the nearest mega-mall, consider whether you can give your existing furniture a second chance with a bit of refurbishment. Or do you have something that can be repurposed into a bedside table? Alternatively, you could potentially pick up a bargain basement bedside table from a second-hand store and make it look like it came from a luxury boutique.

Upcyling furniture ticks a lot of boxes:

  • It can save you money, because you get a higher-quality and more durable item of furniture at a similar price to a new one.
  • Upcycling can be fun and it gives you an outlet for those creative urges. You can match your upcycled furniture to any existing colour scheme, pick your own colours, or go wild with patterns. Unlike characterless white MDF pieces, unique furniture can reflect your personality and style.
  • By making use of existing items, you’re preventing them going into a landfill. You’re also making a small contribution to reducing the demand for low-quality consumer goods.
  • If you’re good at upcycling, you could have a stylish house filled with one-of-a-kind pieces rather than dime-a-dozen flatpack furniture.
  • If you’re a DIY newbie, start with something simple and boxy, like painting a set of drawers. Then you can move onto more complex items and upholstery. The experts suggest you spend only $30 or $40 for an item, because it’s easy to get it wrong when you first start. With some experience and an eye for design, you could even turn your upcycling into a money-spinner. Good luck and happy upcycling!

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