Giving your old clothes a second lease on life

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Do you really know exactly what’s in your wardrobe? Start digging and it can be surprising to find you have more clothes than you remember owning. You might even find you have duplicates of similar items or clothes with the tags still on. Using beContento means you could consider taking an inventory of all the clothing you own. It might spark ideas about ways you could give your old clothes a second chance – and it might prevent you from buying that third black t-shirt.

Your existing wardrobe might still have some life left in it – could you start rewearing something in a new way? Could you have an old favourite altered to give it a fresh start?

For those items that really aren’t working, can you give them another chance by donating them? Did you know there are places you can donate specific types of clothing? In addition to the clothing donation bins throughout New Zealand, Dress for Success accepts donations of women’s clothing that is appropriate for job interviews and employment, plus hand bags and jewellery, and new make-up. It’s all used to help women transition into the workplace. Uplift Project accepts a wide range of bras and donates them to women in disadvantaged communities throughout the Pacific.

Whether you prefer suit pants or trackpants, knowing what you have and using that information to make better choices will help you be well-dressed without overspending.


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