Loving what you've got

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These days it’s all about being positive about what you’re born with – owning your imperfections and learning to appreciate them, or at the very least not be embarrassed by them. You’ve got to love what you’ve got, right?

Well, maybe it’s time to extend that attitude to our possessions. It’s so easy to forget about or devalue the objects we already own and spend our time looking enviously at other people’s new shiny toys. Using beContento is a great way to keep track of your possessions, and it might also be an opportunity to take stock of all your material things and be a bit more positive about them.

Do you know what you have? Spring is an excellent time to declutter and take inventory of your things. Knowing what you have means there’s no risk of wasting your money by accidentally rebuying something you already have.

Can you use what you have in different ways? If your clothes, jewellery or electronics are outdated, think about doing something with them. Clothes can be altered, jewels can be reset into new designs and electronics can be repaired. Consider your options before buying something new.

Are there alternatives to buying new? If you’ve run through your options and you definitely need another item, think about ways to maximise your spend and minimise your waste. Can you buy second-hand? Could you do a swap? Can you sell your older items to pay for a new one?

Sometimes in life you do need to buy new things – but there’s no need to waste your money. Appreciate what you already have and think about your alternatives before you spend another weekend buying stuff that not only erodes your bank balance, but doesn’t bring any lasting joy to your life.

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