What is beContento™ ?

beContento is a digital inventory of all of your belongings in one spot allowing you to discover what your stuff is really worth to you. Share whatever records you want, with whoever you want (including your insurance provider), whenever you want. The more of your stuff you put in, the more power to you!

Why is beContento powered by Westpac?

The idea for beContento stemmed from one of Westpac’s very own team members. Westpac recognised that this app could solve a need for so many, so jumped to turn this idea into a reality!

Do I need contents insurance to use the app?

Not at all! We’ve dedicated our energy (and sweat) into the beContento app to help users with so much more than just their insurance needs! While beContento can help you with important ‘insurance-y’ things, like getting the right cover or making a claim, it can also store receipts to help you claim on warranties for repairs, plus give you a fresh perspective on all the things you own.

Who can use it?

beContento is a mobile only app available for anyone in New Zealand with an Apple iPhone or Android device. It’s exclusively Kiwi for now!

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, you will need to be connected to the internet to use beContento. We will be looking into the possibility of an “offline mode” feature in future releases. Stay tuned (and connected)!

Who has access to my data?

Data security is no joke and as app users ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping our personal data safe and have put measures in place that are bank-grade standard. You can read more about how Westpac collects, stores and uses your personal information here.

How do I contact beContento?

If you do have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Don’t be shy, simply contact us at support@becontento.com and we’ll get back to you.

My Stuff

What should I enter into the 'set its value' section?

By putting in today’s value against each item, you can get a sense of what all your stuff is worth collectively. However, don’t sweat because it’s not a test! Feel free to give ballpark figures.

What if my item is not in the list?

If your item is not on our list, it’s all good! You can easily create a custom item with your own name, estimated value, photo and other additional details. Simply go to the ‘+’ button and select the ‘+’ tile to add your own custom item.

Why do you need a photo?

Taking a photo of your items, including receipts if you’ve purchased it, could be helpful when making an insurance claim or proving ownership, and it’s great to keep as a record!

Why do you need a selfie?

When making an insurance claim, selfies with items can sometimes help in proving ownership if you don’t have a receipt.

What happens when I delete my account?

Personal privacy and security are incredibly important to us. When you ask to delete your items and account, we delete all of your data on our servers. We have no record once it has been deleted, so think carefully before you pull the plug!

Why are the different types of photos required?

While you can use beContento without adding photos, we suggest inputting photos of relevant records attached to your items, such as receipts, warranties, etc. Feel free to have fun with it too. Take photos with your items and remember those moments and memories attached to them.

What information should I be adding so my insurance company will pay a claim?

While we know all insurance companies are different, we believe the more information you are able to provide to them about your stuff, the more suitable your cover is likely to be.

What is a tag?

A tag is something that you apply to your item so when you are filtering your stuff you can find items faster. If you’re planning to load lots into beContento, tags are super helpful for categorising.


What happens when I request a quote?

The beContento app simply sends off a populated form to the Westpac insurance team. One of the Westpac Insurance Team will then contact you with a quote within one working day. To help with the insurance conversation you may like to share your information with Westpac insurance by exporting and emailing your list as a .csv or .pdf file. There is no integration between Westpac Insurance and the beContento app so should you decide to take cover you will need to enter your insurance details into beContento manually.

Who is the underwriter for Westpac Insurance?

Westpac Home, Contents and Vehicle Insurance is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited.

Does IAG have access to my data?

Nope. No. Not at all! IAG only has access to the data you choose to share, whether that is when you are looking to claim or receive a quote. We’ve got your back!

Who should I contact if I have an idea for a blog article?

If you’ve been enjoying reading the blogs and have some suggestions for more articles, please send them through to [support@becontento.com](mailto://support@becontento.com).


How to delete my account?

We would be sad to see you go, but you can delete your account with the account section of the app. When you delete your account it will permanently deleted from our servers and cannot be recovered, so decide carefully.

How do I export my stuff?

You can export your stuff to a .csv or .pdf file from the app. This handy feature can be accessed through the ‘Account’ section of the app. You can use these exported files to help in providing proof of ownership if making an insurance claim, or share your list to help when moving in with others!

Why do you ask for my insurance information?

We have provided a place within beContento so you can easily access your relevant contents insurance policy details, such as renewal date and sum insured. It’s convenient to have everything in one spot, right at your fingertips!

What happens if I lose my phone?

If you have created an account, you can simply log in using the same email and your items will be available in the app.

How do I update my personal information

When logged in, you can edit the personal information you provided us when you signed up! This information is accessed in the “Account” section of the app.